An afternoon of one-on-one product & design critique with advisors from the Orbital network.

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As a startup or an individual creator it can be challenging to get the feedback that we need.

Sometimes those closest to us tell us what we want to hear. Other times, we just need a fresh outside perspective.

Despite all this, it is imperative to get the practice of receiving and navigating feedback.

It is through this that we develop the intuition to make our own decisions, and thus produce great work.

The Program

Through its network of experienced product and design advisors, the Product Sessions provides you with access to unbiased, informed Product and Design experts, which can be hard to find.

Over the course of the 4-hour session, each creator will meet with three different advisors, one-on-one, back-to-back for 45 minutes each.

Who Should Attend

Past participants have typically been startup founders working on software-based products. We've also worked with Kickstarter creators, event/conference organizers, and non-profits launching new services.

Some are getting early feedback on pre-launch products, others have already launched and are optimizing, iterating, or expanding scope or functionality.

The program works best for those who want to engage in substantive discussions around strategy, rather than superficial design changes.

As such, the decision makers–not just the implementors–will need to be present.

Getting Ready

Come prepared to discuss a specific product or design challenge, and bring along any requisite artifacts (i.e., sketches, mocks, prototypes, fully functioning product, etc…), in order to drive the discussion.

Here are some additional guidelines and tips from previous attendees.

The Format

2:00 - 2:30pmWelcome & Introduction (full-group)
2:30 - 3:15pmSession 1 (breakouts)
3:30 - 4:15pmSession 2
4:30 - 5:15pmSession 3
5:15 - 6:00pmWrap up (full-group)

Past participants have used the program to:

  • discuss and debate unsolved problems (and brainstorm solutions)
  • settle internal debates on product execution and direction
  • test out alternate concepts and scenarios
  • talk through launch strategies
  • perform user testing and think alouds

The Advisors

The Product Sessions advisors are trusted individuals from the Orbital network.

Collectively, they are product managers, designers, founders, and managers from consumer and enterprise startups who have witnessed the growing pains associated with the entire lifecycle of product development.

While they promise no definitive answers or solutions, they are great thinkers and are good at asking questions. They have all made their share of mistakes and are willing to share what they've learned in a non-judgmental way. Similarly, they are also willing to tell people what they may not want to hear and can do so without sounding like a jerk.


The Product Sessions are led by Gary Chou, founder of Orbital.

Since its launch in 2011, over 200+ creators from 100+ startups/organizations have been through the program.

The Product Sessions was co-created by Gary Chou and Christina Cacioppo to create a space in New York City for meaningful critique and discussion, and originally hosted by Union Square Ventures.