November 2017

An Important List for your Holiday : My Favorite Coding Toys of 2017 by Sara Chipps via @SaraJChipps

The Cost of Keeping Your Customers – Please Reply by Janet Choi via @CustomerIO

B-Side China Podcast: Tech & Cultural Flows w/ Christina Xu via @RadiiChina @xuhulk

How To Have A Job via @annelibby

[Magpie Digest] The Competitive Ecosystems of PUBG via @magpiekingdom @xuhulk

An End To My Independent Life & Why I Now Work at RateGravity via @michaelwma

Captioned Wants to be the Next Vine. Its First Users Tell Us How It's Doing via @gabrielabarkho @iano

YOW! Connected 2017 Sara Chipps - Design and Development with Kids in Mind via @yow_conf @web_goddess @SaraJChipps

Announcing Magpie Digest by Magpie Kingdom via @xuhulk

Exclusive Interview with tech star Sara Chipps via @tyvdh

Things I Have Learned While Teaching Your Kids to Code by Sara Chipps via @SaraJChipps

Jewelbots: Take Your Daughter to Hack Day - NYC via @jewelbots

Why is Nava a public benefit corporation? – Nava PBC by Sha Hwang via @NavaPBC @cassmarketos

Does Your Organization Does Need a Code of Conduct? via @annelibby

VR Meetings for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction by Angel Say via @sayangel

Sara Chipps: Closing the Gender Gap in Tech with Jewelbots | On Deck Daily via @SaraJChipps

Rocket Girl Signing! Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare 12.9.17 via @ImageComics

Stop Blasting Your Email – Please Reply by Janet Choi via @CustomerIO

Participate | School for Poetic Computation via @idamantium

October 2017

Jewelbots: Haunted Hacks with Jewelbots! via @jewelbots

Imagination | Bocai via @gblock @audrabrookie

We just overhauled our app in a hurry. Here’s what we learned about scope along the way. by Simon Riker

Jewelbots: Take Your Daughter to Hack Day - NYC via @SaraJChipps

What Should We Ask You in a Year? – People & Company by Kevin Huynh via @kevinhuynh

Run Your Lifecycle Email Like a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign via @CustomerIO

Don’t disrupt; contribute. – Nava PBC by Genevieve Gaudet via @genevievegau

Breakpoints: Designing for Good (& Profit) via @GVDesignTeam

Optimizely NYC Developer Meetup with Blue Apron via @clinejj

How technology can help prevent depression by Robert R. Morris via @RobertRMorris

Catt Small is creating video games + sharing knowledge about tech, UX, and games | Patreon via @cattsmall

‘Coffee Lovers Pattern’ Leggings by sixhours via @sixhours

Web design & development conference - Newcastle - Design It Build It Conference via @cattsmall

Management for Developers with Camille Fournier by CaSE Podcast Team via @skamille

Speaker Profile - YOW! 2017 Conference Melbourne via @pcalcado

Five New York Companies to Watch (October 2017) via @TechNYC

Learning w/ Diagrams: Handling Contention with PostgreSQL by Diana Hsieh via @Dianasaur323

misscs/onoffline-participatory-models via @itsmisscs @digitalcoleman

Introducing Customer Accounts for Your Online Store via @steven_neff

Jury/ IxD Awards via @IxDAwards @xuhulk

Noodles, Cod Roe, Butter: Mentaiko Spaghetti! via @HezelAnna @xuhulk

Rounding up my mini-grant for teachers by nick barr via @nsbarr

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Content on Captioned by Ankur Thakkar via @ankurthakkar

On How Your Brain is Conspiring Against You Making Good Software via @zeigenvector

Empty Title via @markwunsch

My next two years by Leonard Bogdonoff via @rememberlenny

The Manager's Path, Chapter 3 "Tech Lead" (Audio Book) via @camillegovit @skamille

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Turning Product Vision into an Executable Strategy by Diana Hsieh via @Dianasaur323

Comic Art Gallery of Amy Reeder at via @amyreeder

How do managers* get stuck? via @techbelle

Captioned - Product Hunt via @rrhoover @fcollective @iano / i think like any sort of low talking over disco-y music will sound sexy via @CaseyG

Captioned: Dont just tell, show. by fat via @fat

Python is the fastest growing programming language due to a feature you’ve never heard of by Jeff Knupp via @jeffknupp

Reading notes: ‘Nudge’ – Nava PBC by Sawyer Hollenshead via @sawyerh

Learning to Teach 2018 by SFPC school via @tchoi8

From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: How This Founder Is Using Her Startup Experience To Teach Others via @TaraReed_ @garychou

On How Your Brain is Conspiring Against You Making Good Software - Jenna Zeigen via @zeigenvector

5 Reasons To Get 'Rocket Girl' #10 (Image Comics)! - Villain Media via @JSolis82

MesosCon Europe 2017: A Year with Apache Aurora - Rick Mangi,... via @rmangi via @kellan

Jewelbots at CppCon 2017! via @gblock

September 2017

Resort management software company raises $420K ahead of ski season - BusinessDen via @michaelwma

Anne Libby on #Management: Reading, Ampersand via @annelibby

Using Neural Networks to Address Mental Health Crises by NYU Center for Data Science via @stanfordnlp

Start Where You Are: Iterating at Scale - Kathy Tafel via @NSSpain @kathytafel

An Engineering Culture Where You Matter via @buritica

Learning w/ Diagrams: Intro to Kafka by Diana Hsieh via @Dianasaur323

ian ownbey on Twitter

Personal Goals and Feedback Loops by Brian Stoner via @bsstoner

Announcing the Ranter Coin Pre-Sale and Whitepaper by Lauren Leto via @laurenleto

Perspective: A Drawing Workshop via @amyreeder

How I Found My Inner Peace and Learned to Talk About It Endlessly by Lauren Leto via @laurenleto

How to Have A Job via @annelibby

And the Good News Is: We’ve Failed by Lauren Leto via @laurenleto

Learning w/ Diagrams: CockroachDB Overview by Diana Hsieh via @Dianasaur323

Poetic Computation: Reader Book Launch via @tchoi8

Lower East Side History Buffs Beware: Urban Archive Scavenger Hunt Sept. 22 | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side via @bensmyth

Eyeo 2017 Ignite! - Claudina Sarahe via @itsmisscs

Moving to Parquet Files as a System-of-Record by Jeff Knupp via @jeffknupp

$2,018 to a teacher with ideas by nick barr via @nsbarr

6 Lessons I learned while implementing technical RFCs as a management tool by Juan Pablo Buriticá via @brianm

Reasonable arguments and free speech via @cypheroftyr

Looking for a studio assistant by Taeyoon Choi via @tchoi8 @garychou

Perspective and Purpose by Brian Stoner via @bsstoner

August 2017

Now in Early Access: Serve web fonts without JavaScript via @ddemaree

Ready When You Are by Kate Matsumoto via @CMYKaytoe

Managed by Q's JT White on how design shapes our future via @InVisionApp @JT_FFFFFF

Forget Ratings. ‘Orphan Black’ Had the #CloneClub. by John Koblin via @carolineliddick

You're not an architect, and this is not a bridge we're building: Leading technical decision making for high-performing teams - O'Reilly Velocity Conference in New York 2017 by Kellan Elliott-McCrea via @kellan

July 2017

Leslie LuoNegotiate Your Raise: Resources for Designers in Tech | Leslie Luo via @lxluo